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Lilli (22)

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The charming escort from Mannheim
Where would you like to live and why?
There are some countries that I would like to live in for a few years. Cities / countries that are multi-faceted and in which you can experience a lot … and in which there are milder temperatures, especially in winter, would stand out. To be able to commit myself forever, I still lack too many places in this world 🙂

What makes you really happy?
To be able to really live freely in the moment, to let go and just forget everything around you for a while. I think there is hardly a better feeling in retrospect.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Spontaneous, happy and charismatic

What do men like about you?
Men appreciate my very relaxed and open manner. I enjoy life and you can talk to me about any topic and I will always have someone who is interested and attentive and who can respond with a certain amount of intellect and experience. Of course, men are also attracted by my slim, sporty body with my long legs. I am incredibly varied, very passionate and with me you will certainly not
get boring.

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