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Terms and Conditions

I. Terms and Conditions of Aura Escort

The following Terms and Conditions deal with the intermediary role of Aura Escort, to be termed as intermediary or agent, and the Terms and Conditions of those who are listed in this agency, to be termed lady or ladies. The receiver of their services is termed as client.

1. Contract with the intermediary

The agent acts as intermediary between clients and ladies who provide escort services. Further details on the services provided are regulated in the terms and conditions of the ladies. The function of the agent is to find a fitting match to the client and his request. The precise service given by the lady is not part of the intermediary contract.

2. Responsibilities of the intermediary

The offers given by the intermediary are not binding. The agent assists with contract negotiations and conclusion between the lady and the client.

3. Visual and written representation of the ladies through the agent

These descriptions are based on the informations given by the ladies. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

4. Payment and authority for receiving payments

The client does not pay the agent directly. The services are billed directly between client and lady. In exceptional cases, if the intermediary has a permission to receive the payment for the lady, the agent owns an authority for receiving payments. The place of jurisdiction is Frankfurt am Main.

II. Terms and Conditions of the Ladies

1. The service of the ladies

The extent of the services provided by the lady are regulated by the explicit agreement between the client and the lady and these terms and conditions.

2. Booking and conclusion of contract

The contract between lady and client is concluded by the confirmation of the client’s not binding inquiry.

3. Payment

The payment is applied to time and company of the lady and not for further services. Travel expenses are calculated separately and have to be paid in advance. Therefore, and for the case that the lady wants a prepayment, the intermediary owns an authority for receiving payments. At the beginning of the date, the client hands out the agreed payment to the lady in an open envelope. Other kinds of payment are not possible. The place of jurisdiction is Frankfurt am Main.

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