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A date with a beautiful woman is one of the best pastimes that a hard-working man can treat himself too. Your experience with the lady should be erotic, sensual and amusing all at once! Our escort service in Frankfurt has set itself the goal to bring you unforgettable moments. To ensure that your date will be a success, there are a few principles that you should consider when going on your date.

The Styling of your Lady

We are very happy for you to tell us how your Lady is to style for you. The ladies listed in our agency are happy to take on board any precise preferences you may have, such as what lingerie, shoes or makeup to put on for your date. For example not every man likes women in heavy makeup or dressed in very flamboyant clothing. These preferences are a matter of taste, and we understand that every man’s tastes are different. So as to avoid disappointment, you should notify us how you wish your companion to dress. Please feel free to make requests whether you want the escort lady to wear “business attire” (trouser suits), “casual” (jeans or a sweater), “elegant” (dress) or “sexy” (miniskirt and a lot of skin). Please feel free to request your exact preferences, however we ask that you ensure the clothing will conform to the environment in which you and the escort lady will be meeting. If you have any special requests when it comes to lingerie or toys please feel free to inform us and we forward them to the lady.

Two adult People

On a date two people meet each other, who want to have fun – by stimulating conversations and breathtaking sex. To ensure that your date may be a success, it is important that you treat your companion with respect. Only if this criteria is met, will the escort girls provide her services to you. Be a gentleman! Prior to booking an escort lady, you can view the profiles of the ladies to see what erotic services they offer to you. If you wish for a service that isn’t listed on her profile you can request your companion for this – however please do not demand!

Get in Contact

Contact with the girls is exclusive to intermediary Aura Escort, we have to do this to protect the identity of the girls. Therefore we do not give the direct contact details of the girls away to customers. We don’t wish for business to overlap with the girl’s private lives. Please don’t dispatch your private details to the girls and don’t expect the girls to give their contact details or real names. It is our top priority to protect the privacy of the girls who are listed in our agency.


All of the girls undergo regular health checks. Protection against sexually transmitted diseases is extremely important for both sides and should never be taken lightly.

As you can see there isn’t much to watch out for. Be respectful and make sure you wear protection and then your date should go smoothly! Enjoy stimulating discussions, exciting erotic moments and explore the Frankfurt and Rhine area with your lady. Aura Escort wishes you much pleasure with your date!

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