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Autumn Whisper

vom 29. November 2021

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Put an erotic highlight on autumn with Aura Escort

One may perceive autumn as a somewhat dead or dreary season. But that doesn’t have to be the case, because together with a nice escort lady, a dark, foggy day becomes something magical that appeals to all the senses.

You can already picture the whole thing in peace and quiet with pleasure. You have decided on a Kourtisan from Escort Frankfurt, you are looking forward to her, her smile, her scent, the whole graceful appearance. What would you like to do with her if you don’t necessarily want to leave the house, because, see above, the weather is not ideal for going for a walk or other activities outside the home? Take a look around your house or apartment, what could be offered by a charming escort lady, how would you enjoy her company the most?

Cook together, drink an aperitif, chat …

If you love your kitchen, it could be the place where the meeting with your escort lady from Cologne begins. After the greeting you can start cooking. You have prepared everything, the ingredients for the salad have been “chopped up”, the meat has been marinated, the champagne is well chilled and waits to be used. You have the great advantage that everything is familiar to you, but you will notice that your companion of the heart quickly gets used to your surroundings. While you listen to soft music, the meat or vegetables in the oven or in the pan are getting closer to perfection, you have the opportunity to get to know each other better. The first gentle touches are already taking place, but you feel good! Everything is going according to plan, the food smells delicious. A table!

A nicely laid table is waiting for your escort date

As the host, you have already prepared the table for your passionate courtesan; with the silk tablecloth and crystal glasses for special occasions, it is very inviting. A bouquet of red roses is also waiting for decoration. The conversation was only briefly relocated, you are already in the middle of philosophizing … You notice that you and your escort are developing a lot of previous expectations, but it’s not that far yet. The appetite comes from food that you enjoy together. The food plus dessert can only be described as successful. You get into an animated mood – now something nice is coming …

You go in front of the fireplace …

If you have a fireplace, you have the ideal place for what happens after dinner with your high-class escort girl. You sit there comfortably, look into the flames and feel completely at ease, without time pressure, without expectations of anything concrete. Everything is possible, really everything! If there is no fireplace, you can also direct the fall whispers right into your bedroom. The champagne is ready in the bucket, your bed becomes a playground, and you have the feeling that something very special is about to happen.

Home visits with Aura Escort – you are really among yourself

You will like this feeling of being a bit removed from the cold, wet world, as if floating in another universe. You and this beautiful woman, here without anyone knowing about your meeting. That has an enormous appeal. Also, knowing that you’re only going to do what you both feel like doing, without pressure, can feel really good. Your Lady of the Night comes closer to you, you feel her, you stroke her, you notice how something is building up. What you do now with your chosen escort lady is your secret, but be sure that it will lift you far out of your everyday life.

Conclusion: A home visit is probably the most intimate, personal way to meet an escort. Everything is familiar, you organize the evening according to your wishes – in every respect.

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