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Accompanying couples with Aura Escort

vom 20. January 2022


If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to sleep with a lady, or if you’ve always dreamed of a threesome as a man, your fantasy could soon come true, or even be exceeded. Even if you’re a happy couple, having sex is enjoyable, sometimes a routine can creep in that you want to break, and the idea of ​​bringing someone else on board can turn you both on. In such cases, the solution is: don’t look for long, but contact Aura Escort. Our stylish escort service also offers such services.

The first step: getting to know each other

So you have chosen the solution of booking a sexy lady from Aura Escort. That’s a good idea, because the hostesses are well versed in all areas and immediately find their way around any new situation. As a couple, you now have to agree on a courtesan, which is certainly not that easy. They prefer someone delicate, he prefers the woman with a larger bust, but in the end all couples manage to agree on a lady, which is the most important prerequisite for threesome fun. Now the contact is made and a meeting place is arranged. You can look forward to something special, a breath of fresh air, but still a kind of “controlled” cheating.

Without any embarrassment! The ladies know their business

So you meet your escort companion, be it in your own city or, if you are visiting somewhere as a tourist, on site. A possible meeting could look like this: You arrange to meet in a park or café, have a drink and learn a lot about the lady who is supposed to be new to your love game. How does she smile, how does she move, how does she smell? Yes, that is also important, very important. They get to know each other without being forced, chat about more or less profound topics and realize that there is nothing strange about the situation. You know each other – somehow. And since the maxim applies to all these encounters that everything is allowed, but nothing has to, you can give the meeting exactly the direction you have in mind at every stage. But only eat, drink, flirt – or more?

It’s going to be exciting – how will it be?

Now that you have become curious about your escort lady, it can get really hot at this point. The first touches take place and the atmosphere becomes more tingling by the minute. Now comes the way to the hotel or to the apartment, if you don’t already meet there. Make yourself as comfortable as possible, preferably on the bed. You should treat yourself to the champagne, because after all, this encounter is something out of the ordinary in your normal life. What happens then is completely up to you, i.e. who takes the first step into the intimate, who touches whom and when. An erotic escort model is at your disposal with her tricks and experience, so that nothing is embarrassing, everything happens fluently and naturally. If you, as a woman, now feel what it is like to touch a woman, it can also turn your man on a lot. Let your feelings run free, the lady of your choice will be happy to play along. The somewhat wooden concept of accompanying a couple with Aura Escort fills with life, with sighs, groans, and increasing lust. Another body comes into play, which can be very enriching for you as a couple and invigorating the relationship, and you will discover new aspects of yourself and your partner.

Conclusion: If you want to consciously expand the limits of your two-person relationship, book a pretty escort lady. New terrain opens!

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